September 25th, 2015

What to do instead of screens when the weather turns grim

My daughter has a t-shirt that reads “Summer, please don’t leave me”,  which is exactly how I’m feeling now that the days are getting shorter and the skies are turning grey.  Our natural tendency in autumn is to head indoors.  Once inside, it’s easy to turn to the things that are easy to do.  So, the iPad or the x-Box emerge and one-by-one each member of the family disappears into their own zone.  

When you were ten years old and you woke up in the morning to see that the sky was grey what were the things that you loved to do?  Were your first thoughts to call your friends to arrange a potentially muddy game of football; did you hope that you’d be able to go and see a movie; stay in your room to  build a Meccano creation, or were you curled up reading a good book, or listening to music …?  What activities gave you your best days when the weather was gross? 

English Heritage has created a website and app (I know … we’re trying to go lo-tech here) with 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4.  Many of these are warm-weather activities but some of them can be adapted for a less than pleasant day.  After all, as the Scandinavians say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’.  If your plan is to head outside, take a hint from English Heritage and try … 


Head to and create an account for your family.  You can also download the app for your phone - which makes it easy as you have a built-in GPS.  To make it more challenging, encourage your children to use a compass.  Caches are located all over the world.  We have found them in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the US, and all over the UK.  Caches can be all sorts of things from virtual caches to small plastic containers with knick knacks inside.  It’s not only a fun exercise in navigation and treasure hunting, but because most caches are created by locals, it is also a great way to discover hidden gems of places that you might not have known about. 

Create a Family Vision Board

Our friend Kelly Pietrangelli (Project Me for Busy Mums) is a huge advocate of brainstorming with kids about what kinds of things they’d like to be doing in future. All you need is some large pieces of poster board … and lots of questions.  Kelly starts with things like “what will you be doing for fun in 5 years?  What will your hobbies be?”  Vision boards are a great way to set goals and by keeping them visible around the house those things you and your children include are more likely to happen. 


I cannot tell you how many people I have met recently who have put down their phones, cleared the kitchen table, pulled out the felt-tips and started colouring … yes, as a family!  One friend - a mother of 3 teenagers - told me that her daughter sat down with her one evening, then was joined by a couple of her daughter’s friends and the four of them sat, coloured and talked for a good two hours.  Check out … they have loads. 

Tap into Pinterest

Pinterest can be a bit like Marmite.  People either really love it, or feel totally overwhelmed by all the craftiness that it seems everyone else seems to possess.  I’m somewhere in the middle and love to have a quick search of FAMILY CRAFTS to come up with some fun ideas.  Why not …

  • Trace around your child’s arms and head and presto, you’ll have a hug to send on to Grandparents.
  • Let your children use (easily removable) tape on the carpet to create a road system for playing with their toy cars.
  • Get inspired by the Great British Bake Off and bake some bread, biscuits or fairy cakes. There are loads of child-friendly recipe books and websites.
  • Make an old-fashioned photo album. Print out photos from your summer holidays and either make frames or create an album. That way you get to re-live the summer! 

What we have learned in all our years of working with families is that children don’t want things as much as time with their parents.  Children want to feel connected.  Take some time this autumn to find some new hobbies.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  You just need to carve out time.  Make your weekends be times when you’re not racing from one activity to the next. These are the days when you can create family memories and add to your list of fun family stories. 

We would love to know what are those special things you love to do as a family?  Drop us a note at or post on our facebook page to let us know.


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