December 01st, 2012

Millpond Sleep Workshop. Course Outline March 2016

Session 1- The Science of Sleep: 

  • Understanding why we need sleep.
  • What is the impact of sleep deprivation on you and your child?
  • How much sleep does your child need?
  • How does your child’s sleep change as they get older?
  • Take home a sleep diary. 

Session 2- What stops a child sleeping: 

  • Exploring the factors that could impact on your child’s sleep.
  • Planning and implementing an effective bedtime routine for your family.
  • Understanding the difference between nightmares and night terrors and how to manage both disorders. 

Session 3- Introducing sleep training techniques: 

  • Exploring a range of sleep training techniques.
  • Case study.
  • Considering what might be the most effective approach for your child. 

Session 4- Naps, Larks, Owls and Sleep Fairies: 

  • Understanding nap requirements for your baby or child.
  • Early rising and bedtime battles; techniques to reset your child’s body clock.
  • Case study.
  • Reward systems for sleep issues and how to apply them effectively.
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