August 27th, 2010

Have you ever considered doing a Positive Parenting course?

“Why on earth are you doing a parenting course? Your children are ok. You don’t have any major difficulties, do you?”

Sound familiar?…….this is indeed a very typical response that many of our clients report back to us when they tell family and friends they have signed up for a 10 week parenting course.

Positive parenting means using warmth, love, respect, consistency, good communication and empathy in the way you behave with your child.  Often our natural reaction isn’t thought through, we are caught unprepared and have a short fuse, shout, blame, criticise and punish.

 Skills such as reflective listening and descriptive praise can be taught and learned. These can change your view of parenting and help you understand why children behave as they do at each stage – helping you to remain calm and in control, and react in positive and constructive ways.  Using the skills and strategies helps to motivate your children to behave positively – a win win situation for both parent and child.

Why not give it a go…a 10 week course is a small price to pay for a lifetime of skills and who doesn’t want to get it right for their kids and do the best job they can possible do?

Read a client’s article about her experiences on the course

Courses start w/c 13th Sept – book here

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