May 21st, 2010

Welcome to The Parent Practice

Welcome to The Parent Practice website, we hope that you like our new look and that you find the site easy to navigate.  We believe that the skills and strategies taught at The Parent Practice are useful tools for any parent facing the daily challenge of raising children – we hope that our new look will reflect this and help make our services accessible to every parent.

Our news section will include comments and reports about The Parent Practice and our work, up to date research from experts, testimonials from our clients and even the occasional joke that has made us chuckle.  Parenting is a hot topic in the media, and never before have parenting skills and practices been more scrutinised.  This adds pressure to parents trying to do the right thing, but with coverage often presenting opposing extremes we are often left confused about what truly is the best way to raise our children.  We will post comments about news items in this section, and aim to give you a clear and balanced perspective about the issue.   If you come across any coverage we’ve missed – please let us know.

Do give us your feedback on any of the articles in this section and we’d love to hear about what you think about the new look – as always we continue to evolve and improve as a result of your comments.

Many thanks for your interest – enjoy the site!

The Parent Practice team.

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May 21st, 2010

Smacking Children Debate

Woman’s Hour hosted an interesting discussion about smacking children this week, to listen please visit:

The debate about smacking children on Womans Hour was represented very well by the two guests and their comments showed how polarised the thinking is on this subject.

I founded The Parent Practice ten years ago and am familiar with the different views of many parents on the subject of smacking children. Overwhelmingly it seems that when parents smack their children they do so, not in a controlled way to discipline them, but because the parent is overwhelmed by an emotion, perhaps fear as in the example given in the programme when a child runs into the street, or out of anger or frustration. The child knows the parent has lost it and we are in danger of losing our children’s respect if we discipline in this way.

There is no doubt at all that discipline is necessary but the point of any method of discipline is to teach and smacking is the least effective of all the tools at our disposal if we want to teach. Our children are not so open to learning if they are shocked and hurting. We are in danger of teaching them something we don’t intend if we use smacking, that is that when you are an adult you can use your power to hurt, that you can resolve conflict or get your way by hurting. That is not what parents intend when they smack and I would never make a parent wrong for smacking but I think parents need to be supported in the difficult job of raising children by giving them tools other than smacking.

Melissa Hood

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